Welcome to my personal website. The work archived here spans several decades and represents both commercial and personal projects. Enjoy.


My introduction to art and design came from my parents, both professional designers. My mother went to Pratt Institute in New York and my father went to Chouinard in Los Angeles. I chose Art Center in Pasadena with Illustration as my major, because I was determined to learn to draw and paint like John Singer Sargent and Diego Velazquez.

While I was at Art Center, honing my illustration skills, my path took an unexpected turn when I signed up for fashion photography as an elective. The class was taught by the enigmatic and hugely inspirational fashion photography icon, Paul Jasmin. He exposed me to a whole new world of inspiration in the work of masters like Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, as well as contemporary stars like Paolo Roversi, Nick Knight and Bruce Weber. About that time I also discovered the Starn Twins, who’s work combined photographic collage and mixed media. Soon I was experimenting with antique cameras, liquid photo emulsion and cold wax glazes.

After Art Center I freelanced for mostly music industry clients, learning the business and building my portfolio along the way. I shot a lot of mediocre bands for little more than beer money, as I paid my dues and learned how the industry worked. My first real break came when I was hired to do an album package by award winning designer Larry Vigon. He saw my potential and used me on a number of projects over the years. The very first job I did for him was The Twist Inside

I launched a brief foray into the fine art gallery scene, but it wasn’t for me and eventually I settled into commercial and advertising photography. In 2000 I opened Melrose Lightspace studio in West Hollywood. For nearly twenty years I hosted events and did shoots for all kinds of brands and individuals. I even taught my own drawing classes there for a few years. The last major project I worked on there was very personal. It was a coffee table book in support of Pit Bull awareness. The Big Book of Pit Bill Headshots from Hollywood  is 200 pages of smiling rescue Pit Bulls and Pit mixes from all over L.A. Inspired by my own rescue, Daisy, I wanted to help shift perceptions and make people smile. I donate to local rescues from the sales and it’s available on Amazon.

I closed the studio permanently at the start of the Covid19 pandemic and I currently divide my time between Los Angeles and a family summer home in Camden Maine. Plans to add a new residence on the amazing island of Rhodes Greece are in the works as well. Stay tuned…